• hernaval


  • Fernando Silva

    Fernando Silva

  • Emprender Mejor

    Emprender Mejor

    Herramientas para apasionados por ejecutar sueños e ideas.

  • Keegan Manton

    Keegan Manton

    On the Lookout for Exceptional Content, Exceptional People and Excellent Reading

  • Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz

    Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz

    Founder & CEO at Finnovating, the 1st Matching as a Service Platform that connects 50,000+ FinTech with corporates & Investors worldwide | www.finnovating.com |

  • Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Lyubomyr (Lou) Reverchuk

    Daddy of my #babygirl. Your IT labor guy at https://echoua.com. The little #traveller. Avid #squash player.

  • carlos


    Dando soluciones al lío financiero en el que vivimos y CFO en IT company. De vuelta en España GMT+2)

  • Inveready


    Inveready is a leading asset manager in Spain investing in early-stage technology-based companies.

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